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Brentwood Bay Leadership Centre

Why We Are Here

We believe individuals desire to work with meaning and impact in their workplaces. Unproductive conflict limits an individual’s ability to contribute meaningful outcomes within their teams.


How We Work

The Human Element Program removes barriers to progress, while creating productivity in conflict and a path to move forward. By addressing the root cause of actions rather than surface level behaviours, The Human Element helps individuals, teams and organizations eliminate the distortions that sabotage them, leading to developed relationships and increased motivation.


What We Offer

The Human Element is a comprehensive approach that improves the way people work together, creating greater individual, team, and organizational performance. The goal of The Human Element is to increase openness and honesty in organizations. This reduces defensive behavior, achieving better organizational outcomes. The result is a profound increase in candor, emotional intelligence, creativity, personal clarity, conviction, authenticity, trust, and personal satisfaction.

The Emergent Leaders Program has taken myself and my entire team's output and satisfaction to new heights. Our productivity and is at an all-time high. This is the real deal.

Joshua A. Bolt

Nova Consulting Services

The content of the program provided a platform for profound change. I gained the self-knowledge to understand the values I offer as the leader of my organization as well as the understanding of the driving forces that impact my behaviour and how I feel about myself in my leadership role.

Gerrit Vink

Farmer Construction Ltd.

My appreciation for the training and support I have received is immense. I feel more effective in my role as a leader, more innovative, creative, and flexible. With the support of The Leadership Centre we have transformed the culture of the organization, improved staff moral and overall performance.

Simone Lamont

Pacific Sleep Care 

Facilitating Your Journey

Natasha Richardson

Senior Facilitator

Natasha holds a Master’s Degree in Business, and is a licensed Implicit Career Search facilitator, a licensed Human Element Practitioner, and a PEAT Processor (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence). Natasha offers leadership coaching, team development facilitation, and is a specialist in organizational change management. Natasha believes that the single greatest advantage a company can achieve is organizational health. Natasha assists organizations to create impactful change to become more productive and maximize the individual, team, and organizational potential and shift the way in which people work together and solve problems.

Kelsey Dabrison


Kelsey completed her Human Element Practitioner training in 2017, and has been working with The Human Element approach since 2015. Kelsey is currently completing her facilitator practicum training and uses a direct and influential approach to support individual’s growth in all areas of their lives. While Kelsey completes her practicum hours, another LHEP will supervise her facilitation and coaching.

Brittany Budd


Brittany has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and Leadership and has been working with The Human Element Approach since early 2016. Brittany completed her Human Element Practitioner training in 2017 and Licensed Implicit Career Search Facilitator training 2018. Brittany’s focus is on individual career development by supporting individuals as they develop their knowledge, skills and abilities to better prepare for the next step in their strategic career plan. Brittany is currently completing her workshop facilitator practicum with a focus on the Implicit Career Search program. While Brittany completes her practicum hours, another LHEP will supervise her workshop facilitation.

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