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Creating spaces with rich texture, & culture.

Our goal is to provide a world class venue for emerging and established artists to showcase their talents. Our focus is on local artists from British Columbia and we are proud to share their work with an audience of worldwide guests.

Art By Di

Canadian artist Di was born in Vancouver in 1984 and graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Major in Archaeology. As a self-taught artist her style evolved through the exploration of using bright solid colours and flowing lines to reduce the endless detail of life into calming, simplistic beauty.

Di’s body of work includes acrylic paintings and digital illustration. Her art has been shown in galleries on Bowen Island, Vancouver, Victoria and in private collections across North America. Recently she created three murals for the BC Children’s Hospital and her 2021 solo exhibition ‘Art for Sea to Sky’ raised funds and awareness for conservation initiatives in Howe Sound. Di works from her home studio on Bowen Island where she is often found exploring land and sea with her husband, daughter and two dogs. Current works can be found at the Brentwood Bay Resort, Van Dop Gallery, Catching Stars Gallery or online at

Beauty of nature is the key inspiration behind Di’s contemporary west coast acrylic paintings. With a focus on light, color and movement Di seeks to reduce the endless detail of life into simple form and palette, allowing viewers’ imaginations to fill in details of time and place. The artist sees herself as a filter; passing images repeatedly through the lens of her mind as she translates the world around her.

Not bound by any school or tradition she simply creates what pulls at her heart until it is put down on canvas. Starting with a scene or composite image she peels back layers of detail, emboldens color and smooths shapes until she is ready to transfer onto canvas. By adding thin layers of a single acrylic color she builds until the medium is opaque yet smooth- showing the texture of the canvas below. Clean lines are achieved by a steady hand and are one of the most consistent features of her compositions.

Much of Di’s focus is on the unique species that inhabit the coastlines of British Columbia. Growing up on the west coast she has developed an intimate connection with forest, mountains, sea and the animals that call it home. She clearly conveys this reverence for nature in her paintings, highlighted by her commitment to bringing attention to nature conservation.

The artist lives and works on Bowen Island, Canada.

  • Local Artists

    At Brentwood Bay Resort, we are passionate about art. Our focus is on local artists from British Columbia and we are proud to share their work with an audience of worldwide guests. If you would like to have your art showcased, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Purchasing Art

    All artwork displayed is for sale. To purchase a piece, please contact the front desk and more information will be provided to you. Alternatively, you may contact the Art Program Coordinator for more assistance.