At Brentwood Bay Resort, we are passionate about art. Our goal is to create spaces rich with texture, colour and culture while providing a world class venue for emerging and established artists to showcase their talents. Our focus is on local artists from British Columbia and we are proud to share their work with an audience of worldwide guests.



Art By Di – ‘Summer in the Sound’ 2019


Brentwood Bay Resort is pleased to introduce Di (Art by Di) as our featured artist in the spa. Beauty of nature is the key inspiration behind her lovely acrylics.  Di lives and works on Bowen Island.  Please click on the tab at the top of the page for further information about Di.

In the lobby and dining room there is a wonderful collection of First Nations art, featuring Coast Salish artists Charles Elliott, Susan Point, Angela Marston, Dylan Thomas, Joe Wilson and Chazz Elliott.  There are also works by Francis Dick and Mark Preston.

Continuing in the pub is the vibrant, bold work by Misha Smart. For more information, please click on the tab marked “Misha Smart”.


All artwork on display is for sale. To purchase a piece, please contact the front desk and more information will be provided to you. Alternatively, you may contact the Art Program Coordinator.


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Misha Smart


I grew up on Piers Island where I was surrounded by tall trees, sandy shores, and a salty breeze. I spent my days hunting for crabs, building forts in the mossy forest and riding my bike along the dirt road. I spent my nights swimming in the phosphorescence and sleeping outside, waiting for the next shooting star. I continue to do these things today and encourage anyone taking the time to read this to do the same. These experiences do not tire with age.

Through the works I produce, I aim to share my vision of the West Coast of Canada. Those who have experienced this magical place know the wonders it beholds and the sense of freedom and empowerment it instills. I feel so fortunate to live in such a place and aspire to communicate this with my audience.


Canadian artist Di was born in Vancouver in 1984 and graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Major in Archaeology. As a self-taught artist her style evolved through the exploration of using bright solid colors and flowing lines to reduce the endless detail of life into calming, simplistic beauty.

Di’s body of work includes illustration, digital art and acrylic paintings. She has been shown in galleries on Bowen Island, Vancouver and in private collections across North America. Recently she created two 360° murals for the BC Children’s Hospital and was co-exhibitor in ‘The Art of Conservation’; an exhibition to raise funds and awareness for wildlife conservation in British Columbia. Di works from her home studio on Bowen Island where she is often found exploring land and sea with her husband, daughter and two dogs. Current works can be found at the Catching Stars Gallery or online at